The Richmond, VA Meditation Center project was approved on November 7, 2014, much to the delight of seekers in North America, especially the Northeast region. This initiated a series of activities, including property search, discussions with meditation groups, fundraising, and ultimately, property purchase in June 2014.

The meditation center sits on a 3.8-acre lot with approximately 7,000 square feet of space, featuring a two-story concrete and steel structure with 75 parking spots. It accommodates up to 150 people and includes a reception area, meditation hall, book store, media room, children’s area, dining area, master’s office, and a kitchenette. Renovation work began on November 3, 2014, and was completed by March 2015, with the help of external contractors and dedicated volunteers.

Over the past 8 years, the Heartfulness volunteer community has provided meditation services to thousands of individuals in Richmond and nearby areas through corporate wellness programs and sessions at various institutions like, Dominion, Capital One, Anthem, City of Richmond, Hanover County, County public libraries, Chesterfield County prison and many government, non-profit, Church and government institutions, offering interactive guided classes and materials for continued practice. Programs are offered in formats varying from 8-week sessions to 1 week session with interactive instructor led guided classes and helpful handouts that enables participants to actively participate during and after the sessions.

Heartfulness Meditation Center

Location2230 E Parham Rd. Richmond VA 23228

  • Time Monday : 6 : 00 PM To 8 : 00 PM
  • Time Tuesday : 7 : 00 PM To 8 : 00 PM
  • Time Wednesday : 6 : 00 PM To 8 : 00 PM
  • Time Thursday : 7 : 00 PM To 8 : 00 PM
  • Time Friday : 6 : 00 PM To 8 : 00 PM
  • Time Saturday : 9 : 00 AM To 12 : 00 PM
  • Time Sunday : 9 : 00 AM To 12 : 00 PM



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Bring that peace into everyday

Comfortable, teaching Heartfulness meditation for free! Want to free yourself of all the false impressions you've picked up along the way? Get in touch with your heart ? Feel connected to the Divine? But at the same time keep your feet on the ground ? Bring that peace into everyday situations? This is for you!
Makes such a wonderful change to how I listen to people and especially myself!
Not a religious practice!
This will enhance what you believe already and let you touch your truest loving nature.
Give it a chance.

Alexi, Richmond, VA

Educational, Enlightening, Revealing

A friend invited me because of a posting that popped up on Facebook for a free workshop, a 2 1/2 hr beginner meditation workshop. The staff was very welcoming, knowledgeable and I loved the fact that it was a very diverse group. The entire experience was educational, enlightening, revealing and offered great wisdom. Mental health challenges are at an all time high so it warms my heart that this center is here for the community to accommodate as needed.

Paula, Richmond, VA

Humble and welcoming

I found what i was looking for in a simple Meditation Practice takes you direct into experience rather than talking about jargon. Simple Practice - Humble and welcoming people and environment that something for everyone in my family!

Maitreya, Richmond, VA

Recommended for everyone

Love this place of mental health relaxation and healing. I have tried many types of meditation but heartfulness way is a great way. This is all free and you don’t need to pay anything. When we say free, people take this granted and Ignore and I was one of them too and some are skeptical but trust me when I have started and met the preceptors who do a free service by taking some time from there lives and helping all who is in need, I felt so healed and so relaxed and started to keep going since then. I like there group meditations , there group reading sessions. It’s all very well planned and very helpful. I wish I could have found this place sooner but never the less I am glad I found it now. Definitely recommend for everyone who is looking for a peaceful way of living!!

Maha, Richmond, VA

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