YOGA FEST by Heartfulness​

The Heartfulness Institute invites you for this  

 Free In-Person  YOGA Event at

Mayura Academy 

202 Davis Grove Circle, Suite 106

Cary NC 27519

Join us for a time of yoga, breathing, and meditation

Schedule at a glance

Event Outline:

3:00 pm: Introduction to Yogasanas and its Benefits
3:10 pm: Simple Yogasana Practices
3.40 pm: Breathing Techniques
3:50 pm: Introduction to Heartfulness Meditation
4:00 pm:  Heartfulness Relaxation and Meditation
4:20pm-4:30 pm: Q & A, Demo of the Heartfulness App

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Meet our YOGA instructor

Picture of Prakash Punj

Prakash Punj

Registered with Yoga Alliance,
Prakash Punj is a professionally
trained YOGA TEACHER, who
specializes in all forms of Traditional
and Modern Yoga.

Learn the finest 
yoga practices of our time.
  • Heartfulness Institute is inviting prestigious yoga teachers to share philosophy and practices from their traditions.
  • We will be offering various fundamental yoga practices including asanas, and pranayama for adults and youth.
  • Now, more than ever, make yoga a part of your life. We are here to support you.

What is Yoga for Unity?

Yoga for Unity strives to unite all authentic yoga institutions to promote and preserve the practices and philosophies of yoga, and make them available to one and all. Yoga institutions and teachers from all over the globe have united in the hope that the benefits of yoga will reach more and more people.​