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127 S Main St Upstairs, Suite G, Mt Holly, NC

Dates: October 22, and 29 Nov 4th and 12th, 4 to 5 pm


22nd October 2023. 4:00 - 5:00 pm EDT

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for a 4 Week Immersive
Heartfulness Meditation Workshop

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Participants have to be of age 15 years of age or above to attend this event.

Event Timeline:

Week 1: Basics of Heartfulness Meditation
Week 2: Thoughts and Meditation
Week 3: Maintaining the Inner meditative state
Week 4: Chakras and Meditation 

In this Workshop, you will learn:

  • How meditation can reduce stress and anxiety
  • How meditation can improve your mental clarity and focus
  • Why some people experience better health through meditation
  • How meditation can improve your quality of sleep
  • How to begin the practice of meditation so you can experience the benefits right away

Speaker Bio

Lavanya Gullapalli

Hi, I am Lavanya. I am a mother of two dear kids and passionate about volunteering my spare time in contributing to the community. I have benefitted immensely through Heartfulness meditation in personal and professional life. And, I enjoy sharing this meditation practice to promote well-being and to uplift humanity.

About On Track Yoga Studio

We are grateful to ‘On Track Yoga’ for offering us their Yoga studio to offer Free Heartfulness Meditation sessions.
On Track Yoga is a boutique yoga studio located in downtown Mount Holly, NC in Gaston County. We offer a variety of classes daily, led by professional teachers who personalize our yoga instruction to meet your needs and lifestyle. While we do offer some more upbeat, empowering vinyasa flow classes, our main focus is slow, steady, and mindful including Yoga Ease, Yin Yoga, and strong slow flow classes, accessible to beginners and experienced students alike. 
Our studio was created from a desire to have a place nearby to practice and teach, where everyone is encouraged to be their authentic self no matter their age, shape,  size, race, gender, or ability! Yoga is for everyone!!!!! Each posture should be practiced to fit each unique body and mind.
At OTY it is our duty to encourage you to connect with yourself and others, live a life of intention, joy, and service, practice with integrity and confidence on and off the mat……and be unapologetically you!
Group Meditation Heartfulness

About Heartfulness

Heartfulness Institute is a global nonprofit organization with thousands of volunteer trainers who serve more than a million meditators in over 160 countries. Heartfulness techniques are studied and proven effective in reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, enhancing emotional intelligence, and exploring the heights and depths of human consciousness.

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Would you like to practice meditation on your own schedule? If so, download the Heartfulness app where you can meditate for free on your own time.


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