Greg Hansch

Executive Director,

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Texas

Margarita Grueskin

Lifestyle Medicine Health & Wellbeing Coach

Anne Duffy

Place 3 and Mayor

Pro Tem, Cedar Park

Event Highlights:

  • Hear from inspiring experts : Gain valuable insights from renowned panelists. 
  • Discover tools for managing stress: Learn actionable strategies to navigate life's ups and downs with confidence. 
  • Experience the power of meditation: Experience profound calmness, resilience, poise, and joy, even amidst uncertainty!
  • Become part of a collective positive change : Contribute to building a more resilient, connected, and joyful community. 
  • Empower yourself and others: Discover tools you can share with friends, family, and loved ones, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

Event Venue:

Austin Central Library

Special Events Center

The Austin Public Library (APL) has been the community’s premier source of knowledge, technology, and inspiration for nearly a century. It provides library programs, technology, collections, and space through its state-of-the-art Central Library, Austin History Center, and 20 library branches.

Important Parking Information

Parking Options:

  1. City of Austin Curbside Parking (Free on Sundays)
  2. Shoal Beach Metro Park (Free on Sundays. across the Central Library by the lake)
  3. Austin Central Library (Free up to 1 Hour, 1-2 hrs is $5, 2-4 hrs is $9)
  4. 601 W 2nd Street (Flat Rate $10 All Day – Entrance on Nueces St)
  5. Austin City Hall ($6 up to 1 hour, $3 each additional 30 mins)
  6. Seaholm Power ($10 up to 1 hour, $19 up to 2 hrs, $25 up to 160 mins)

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About Heartfulness

Heartfulness Institute, a humanitarian and educational organization that offers simple meditation-based tools for mental and holistic wellbeing. Our mission is to build resilient communities through individual peace and harmony. This is achieved though nurturing the mind through positive affirmations and gentle regulation. 

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